Living in Australia is an adventure that heaps of international students are willing to live, coming to Australia with the intension of learn is one of the best experiences that young people can go through. There are plenty of reasons why this country is chosen instead of others English speaker countries, the most popular reasons are:  
  1. Diversity of culture – Cosmopolitan Country
  2. Learn English
  3. Study a Vocational Program
  4. Work while studying
  5. Weather and Landscapes
  6. Security
Australia is the leader country nowadays when it comes to international education, this is a country where people wants to stay because they feel safe and they feel like home due that there are a lot of people from different cultures and you can find your own ones. What you need to know when living in Australia:
  • Nature is wild: Australia is characterized by its diversity in wild animals like crocodile, kangaroo, koala, snakes, spiders etc.
  • Its abundant nature: Australia is green, it has beautiful natural parks and within the cities there is not a single street without a three.
  • Your life as an International Student: You have the chance to study while working and practicing your English in order to improve it. There are a lot of opportunities within the country, but it is important that you know that the opportunities have to be found and have to be worked. You can reach whatever you want because this is a country of new open doors but it is up to you to make your best effort and accomplish the goal that you want to.
  • Rules and Laws: Australia is characterized by its rules and laws, here the law has to be respected, and that is why this country is as safe as it is. Everyone help to keep this and the authorities work on that every day. As an international student you have to respect the law and the rules, follow them in each aspect, for instance: when crossing the street, when using your bike, when driving your car, when working, when going to study. Always that you keep this in mind your life will be way more easier and on the other hand you will avoid penalties that can affect your pocket.

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